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Tervo Luxury Dressing Table

Tervo Luxury Dressing Table

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Health is our first consideration at Tervo and that is why we precisely engineer our furniture to provoke optimal posture, encouraging effective back form so you can maintain a healthy lifestyle. So whether you are doing your makeup, working or gaming, our dressing table and desks have you covered.


At Tervo we recognise that you do not want to spend half of your day assembling furniture. That is why we provide you with quick, simple, step by step instructions to walk you through the process.


As you can see, the dressing table can be used both for your makeup and for your work endeavours.


Health and functionality was at the forefront of our product development but we also wanted to build something which would look great in your home. That is why we have crafted our desk to reflect a modern and futuristic appearance.



Choose from our beautiful range of colours; White, Oak or Concrete Grey. Just select which colour you want to view and the photos will be updated according to your selection.



Width 98cm

Height 87cm

Depth 36cm

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